Selling Flagstaff Real Estate

Selling your Flagstaff home is a huge undertaking. Many sellers are surprised how time consuming and emotionally challenging it can be. Having strangers come into your house to judge the space that you have turned into a home, poking into closets and cabinets, and go through every room can take a toll on sellers. Before you make the decision to try to sell your home alone, consider the benefits a well-qualified REALTOR® can provide. To learn about our listing services and for a free Flagstaff Real Estate Market Analysis contact us at 928.660.9266. We combine over 45 years of real estate experience and knowledge with cutting edge marketing and sales tools. As you experience our unsurpassed professional service and attention to detail, we are confident you will be impressed with the level of commitment and expertise we provide for you.

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The Evolution of the Internet

We’re On Your Side

As your buyer’s agent, we work for, and have a fiduciary responsibility to you. When you work with a REALTOR® from Flagstaff Real Estate Services, we will make sure you have all the information you need to find and purchase your dream home. If we are working with you as a buyer, we will not work with the selling agent. If a real estate agent at Flagstaff Real Estate Services happens to be the listing agent for a property, we will enact a ‘Chinese Wall,’ where the selling agent will work with the sellers, the buying agent will work with the buyers, and only the necessary information will be shared between the two.

Learn more about the REALTOR® designation and how we, as REALTOR®’s, work with buyers.

Facts All Home Sellers Should Know


of Home Buyers Looked at Properties Online First

Can your home be found online? 42% of home buyers are searching and reviewing properties online before starting their search in person. If your home doesn’t have a strong online presence that shows off it’s best points, you can be losing valuable time and money in the home selling process.


of Home Buyers Are Using the Internet in Their Search

At some point in the process, 92% of home buyers used the internet in their home searching process. Can they find your home? How does it compare to the other homes for sale in the area? In order to sell your home for the highest possible price in the fasted amount of time, your home’s appeal must shine through the computer monitor. Work with real estate agents who understand how to get your home sold before the buyer even walks in the door.

Avg Home Buyers Viewed 10 Homes

The typical home buyer searched for 12 weeks and viewed 10 homes. What makes your home stand out from the other nine? The experts at Flagstaff Real Estate Services can tell you. Call us today to discuss listing your home for sale and the benefits of working with experienced REALTOR®.

Nine Reasons to Have a Flagstaff Real Estate Services REALTORS® List Your Home

  1. We understand market conditions and have access to information not available to the average homeowner.
  2. We know how to price your home competitively based on market research, to give you the highest price possible within your time frame.
  3. We are experienced in creating demand for Flagstaff homes and know how to show them to their best advantage. Our Flagstaff properties are showcased locally, in the Phoenix/Scottsdale areas, nationally, and internationally.
  4. We know how to screen potential Buyers and eliminate those who can’t qualify or are looking for bargain-basement prices before taking up your time.
  5. We know how to go toe-to-toe in negotiations and our proven results are unparalleled.
  6. We are able to remain objective when presenting offers and counter-offers on your behalf.
  7. We listen to your needs, respect your opinions and allow you to make your own decisions.
  8. We help protect your rights, particularly important with the increasingly complicated real estate laws and regulations.
  9. We are experienced with resolving problems to ensure a successful closing on your home.

Only you can determine whether you should attempt to sell your home – probably your largest investment – all alone. Talk with us before you decide. You may find working with a group of professionals is a lot less expensive and much more beneficial than you ever imagined!